Terms & Conditions

First-time renters

If you are renting from us for the first time, we will require some documents from you to verify your details, before we can issue any watches to you. The documents required depends on your residency status in Singapore, and can include a combination of your NRIC/FIN/passport, latest official bill addressed to you, your namecard, hotel billing and key etc. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on what is required! On the day of collection, remember to bring along your documents – without your documents, we will NOT be able to issue the watch to you.

Is a deposit required?

We do not typically require a deposit for rental. However, we may request for a deposit or a guarantor depending on your residency status and the value of the watch. During your enquiry, we will notify you of the requirements in advance of your collection.

When does my rental period begin and end?

Rental will commence on the day of collection and end on the day of return of the watch. For example, if you collect the watch on Monday morning, and return it on Tuesday afternoon, this will constitute to a rental period of 2 days.

Please note: Typical Weekday collection is 9 – 11am.

Can I extend my rental?

As long as we have stock available, and the watch you are holding is not expected to go out to another client, we are more than happy to extend your rental. Do let us know at least one day in advance of your return date if you like to extend, so that we can make the necessary arrangements. The earlier you inform us, the better we can find alternatives for the next client and the more likely your watch rental can be extended.

Extension charge is based on your entire rental period. For example if you have originally rented for 3 days and would like to extend for 2 more days, the extension charge will be a 5-day charge minus a 3-day charge. The extension charge is payable when you return the equipment.

If at any time an extension is turned down and you do not contact us or return your equipment to us before the due date, we will have to turn your account over to debt collectors. There will be a collection fee imposed which comprise the retail cost of the equipment plus collection’s and attorney’s fees and opportunity cost at non discounted rates. All fees are chargeable even if you return the equipment to us at a later date, as we cannot reverse the process.

Delivery and pick-up service

We provide delivery and pick-up service anywhere on mainland Singapore.

Delivery charges

Delivery and Pick-up Method/ Charges (per way) Call before arrival Delivery Time slots Pick-up Time slots Address confirmation deadline
Budget – $10 No Monday – Sunday
N/A 1600h the day before
Standard – From $15 No Monday – Saturday
Monday – Saturday
1600h the day before
Premium – From $25 Yes Monday – Friday
Any time between 1100h-2000h
(subject to availability)Saturday – Sunday
Any time between 1300h-1900h
(subject to availability)
Monday – Friday
Any time between 1100h-2000h
(subject to availability)Saturday – Sunday
Any time between 1300h-1700h
(subject to availability)
By 1100h on same day.

1) An additional $11 is chargeable for delivery / pick up to / from Sentosa Island, Jurong Island, and Marina Bay Sands.
2) Assembly and set up of equipment will not be provided.
3) Budget delivery on eligible for whose weight does not exceed 3kg and dimensions do not exceed 24cm(L) x 18cm(W) x 15cm(H).
4) Pick-ups scheduled after 1400h on Monday – Saturday and after 1500h on Sunday will be subject to a one day extension charge.

We service only addresses that are specific, and accessible by van. We will deliver and pick up from home and office addresses, and from prominent events or functions. We will not deliver or pick up from public areas such as void decks, MRT stations, carparks, Changi or Paya Lebar Airport, offshore islands and protected or military areas. Also, we need you to be contactable and present during the delivery time frame in order to deliver the equipment to you and have your signature. Nothing can be left on the porch, behind the door, etc.

No Show
We will advise the delivery / pick up time frame upon confirmation of your booking. If you are not present during the delivery/pick-up time frame, we will consider this a “No-show”; no refund will be allowed. Any subsequent re-delivery/pick-up arrangement will be chargeable at normal rates.

Payment of rental and delivery charges
Pre-payment (by the confirmation deadline) is required for all deliveries; we will not proceed unless the rental is made in full. Do inform us during your reservation if you wish to make payment online via bank transfer before the deadline.

We will require you to provide a contact number (preferably mobile number) that we can reach you on the day of the delivery/pick-up, in case we need to clarify your location, inform you of any possible delays or for other emergencies.


We do not provide any insurance during the rental of our watches. Do take note that you are fully accountable for any loss or damage to the rented watch.

Watch Conditions

Is the watch in good condition?
Before and after each rental we check each watch visually and take pictures of it. We guarantee the watch is fully functional and is keeping good time.

What if I damage the watch?
Let us know immediately, and return the watch to us so that we can assess the damage. Please do not attempt to repair the item yourself or send in for repair. If repair is required, we will require a $500 deposit upon its return. The final repair cost will be charged based on the cost advised by the service centre. If it is not repairable, we’ll charge you the cost of a used watch of comparable quality. In either case, we will not charge you rental while the equipment is out of service unless you decide to repair or replace the watch on your own.

What constitutes a damage?
Any scratches or scuff marks on the watch, water or moisture damage.

Do you ship outside Singapore?

We do not ship outside Singapore.